All Star team is a group of people all having a high level of performance while competing against their competitors. Originating in the sport of cheerleading, it has since drifted into a vernacular and has been borrowed heavily by the entertainment industry.

All Star Prep teams are designed to give more athletes the chance to experience and participate in competitive cheerleading. Our half year Team is for those who would prefer less of a time commitment, lower cost and would like to compete locally.

Classes are typically one hour and meet once a week to train small groups of athletes working on similar skills

We offer a wide variety of day skills camps, custom camps, summer camp, school closed camp and summer break camps for individuals, small groups and teams.

Private Lessons 1-3 athletes with a single instructor get intensive, customized training.   These are typically set up and scheduled directly with the instructor

Skill training and choreography is available for school/prep/other teams at our facilities. Whether your team is novice, intermediate, or advanced, we can customize a training program to meet your specific needs and meet your teams' goals.  Choose weekly or bi-weekly training to maximize your skill and performance