Private Lessons

Private or semi-private lessons (“privates”) at CTA are a great way to improve your skills with specific interaction with a CheerTyme staff member. The lesson is tailored around the goals of each athlete.

Most private lessons are 30 minutes in length, and can range from 1-3 athletes per coach. Depending on the coach, tumbling private lessons can cost between $30 - $40 per ½ hr per student. Stunting private lessons usually cost between $40 - $50 per athlete per ½ hr. Payments are paid directly to the coach at the time of the lesson.

Payment for each private lesson is made directly to the coach. Please check with the coach or their scheduler as to which form of payment they will accept. If paying by cash, it is best to bring exact change, as the coach or Business Office are typically unable to provide change. 

In effort for private lessons to be the most productive and FUN, it is important that the athlete has a good rapport with the coach. If you are new to CTA, or don’t know any of the staff yet, please take some time to schedule a couple of private lessons with different coaches to see if the coaching style and personality is a “match” for your athlete. Once a coach and schedule is determined, you can schedule private lessons as frequently as you wish. Some coaches schedule their own private lessons, others have “schedulers” who will reach out to you for availability. 

Please let us know if you have any other questions!

NOTE: Athletes participating in private lessons at CheerTyme, must be registered through the online enrollment program: including a signed waiver and be current on their annual registration fee.